team-angel-coulby asked: "EBR in plaid though. and Stephen. Olicity in plaid. Yes/No? lol"


Felicity in Oliver’s plaid shirt and nothing else ;)

Can Felicity keep her glasses on? :)

'You were the first person that I could see as a person.

Pick it up, pick it all up.
And start again.
You’ve got a second chance,
you could go home.
Escape it all.
It’s just irrelevant.




Watch the gif for 30 seconds, then look at the picture! 

This was my favorite one yet

shit,that was awesome!!!

Ray Palmer +++ that stupid half-smile he gives Felicity (and the one time he didn’t) when she wows him which is always

And I’ve already seen you shirtless. Multiple times .. shirtless .. all the time.

"In short Felicity was pretty jealous of Sara’s skills so resented her a little bit from the beginning, a fact that she admits to in this episode. Sara represents a strong, skilled and confident woman which is something that Felicity identifies as something she isn’t and can never be so naturally she will resent Sara for that. None of that means that Felicity didn’t respect or care for Sara and she takes the death the hardest of anyone not related to her. There are many scenes where she was on the brink of falling apart and Emily Bett Rickards plays her as being distracted throughout the whole episode. It’s a wonderfully nuanced performance and it was a good call to make Felicity the emotional core since she is the most human of the characters. This episode pretty much cements her as the heart of the series and it’s a great choice."



Hey, hey, hey! You’re safe, you’re safe. I’m here.

oh hey there pretty gif set I’ve been waiting for